Our Approach

We are a hardworking family and we take pride in what we do. A lot of time has been invested to develop a challenging course that is well maintained and enjoyed by the Disc Golf Community. The course is unique in setting and perfect for individual, group, and tournament play. We hope everyone who experiences its landscape enjoys the secluded and unique views.

Our Story

Our family David, Susan, Blake & Mariah have enjoyed living and maintaining the ranch for over 35 years. David and Susan Scott built Cross Creek Ranch as it is today and is now maintained and loved by Blake, his wife Kelly and their daughter, Olivia. It is a place where the family, including Mariah’s daughters, Natalie and Aspen, come together in all seasons. David and Susan devoted their lives to education and sports having been teachers and administrators at Eagle Valley High School for over 30 years. Their love of sports and connection to the community was inspiration to develop the disc golf course so it could be enjoyed by those who love the sport, locals, and outdoor enthusiasts.

Josh Yandle was a key contributor and encouraged Blake to create a championship disc golf course on the ranch. Blake and Josh have been friends since childhood. Josh’s love of the game and the ranch provided inspiration to build it throughout the Aspen trees, Blue Spruces, ponds and streams. His hard work and dedication to help build the course is ever stamped throughout the property.

Josh’s friendship with Steve Klehfoth was built through their enjoyment of the game. Steve jumped at the opportunity to design the course. Josh, Steve and Blake worked hours designing, planning, and building the championship course. Steve’s passion for the game and imagination of the land created a one of a kind course that is challenging and fun for all to enjoy.

Endless hours of work from the Scott Family, Josh Yandle, Steve Klehfoth and many members of the Flying Eagle Disc Society made this course come alive in the mountains. It debuted in the Flying Eagle Open in the fall of 2017 – one of the premier disc golf events held every year in Colorado. The course also held The GoPro Games in 2018 and annually holds the CrossFire Tournament. 

We pride ourselves on maintaining the course and look forward to continuing to expand the number of holes in future years. Being one of the premier and unique courses in the country, Cross Creek Disc Golf Course will be loved and cherished by many for years to come.